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We’re a Polish style Bistro located at 37 Stoke Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3EN, next to the train station. With a Polish heritage we cook our own family recipes developed in Poland. We have a wide selection of Polish beverages and a fresh new menu every two weeks! 



STARTERS (£4.95)

Zupa Ogórkowa

Fresh homemade Gherkin soup based upon chicken and vegetable stock. Full of fresh country vegetables and fresh herbs mixed with a splash of double cream. Served with traditional Polish bread

Krupnik (V)

 Fresh soup based upon a fresh vegetable stock with potato, carrot chunks and pearl barley groats. Served with traditional Polish bread

Oscypek z Żurawiną (V)

Smoked mountain sheeps cheese from Zakopane warmed with a side of cranberry sauce

Śledź Po Wiejsku

Village style herring fillets marinated in oil and onions – tender and tasty! Served with a traditional Polish vegetable salad (Sałatka Jarzynowa) and bread

Smalec z Ogórkiem Kiszonym 

Pork rinds combined with cracklings creating a delicious paste to spread on traditional bread, accompanied with real Polish gherkins. An authentic village delicacy


Karkówka (£14.95)

Slow cooked thick pork shoulder steak served with seasoned mashed potatoes and a trio of traditional Polish salads

Bigos Świąteczny (£13.95)

Sauerkraut with carrot and fresh cabbage mixed with Polish bacon, sausage, pork knuckle, onion, bay bolete mushrooms, fresh herbs and spices. Subtly sweetened with cranberries and  plums, finished with tomato puree, honey and a splash of Port. Mixed and baked in a hot oven served with seasoned mashed potatoes, fried white onion and fresh dill

Kotlet Mielony (£12.95)

Minced beef, pork and turkey combined with onion and garlic then lightly seasoned, pan fried, covered in onions and baked. Accompanied by grated beetroot cooked in a pan with a splash of double cream and spices, mashed potato and a pair of Polish salads

Sos Pieczarkowy (V) (£12.95)

Whole button mushrooms cooked in a creamy sauce smothered over pearl barley groats accompanied by a trio of Polish salads

Fasolka (V) (£11.95)

Large Polish beans cooked with mushroom, peppers, onion and carrot in a rich tomato sauce. Served seasoned mashed potatoes

DESSERTS (£3.95)

 Dessert of the Day

Please ask for details


Filled layered wafers

Ice Cream (V)



Strawberries & Cream


Kids – 2 courses £6.99 / 3 courses + free drink £8.99

a fresh new menu every month


experience genuine, fresh polish food

Come & experience Polish food & hospitality for yourself - you'll love it!

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  • 37 Stoke Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3EN
  • 01527 880068
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